FOR PROFESSIONALS! Communicate “responsibly”

Attractive and sustainable.

Our 100% customizable products help you achieve your sustainability goals, actively promote the protection of our environment and meet your customers’ demands for environmentally friendly packaging and products.

The possibilities and solutions are numerous, we propose mainly ” tailor-made “, then expose us your needs and conceive together your eco-responsible communication.


Cardboard packaging

Grass paper is particularly suitable for the production of packaging, such as folding boxes, labels, displays, brochures…

Large format packaging

Grass paper is particularly suitable for the production of packaging, for example all transport cartons or “shoebox” type packaging.


Grass paper is particularly suitable for the food industry, for example for fruits, vegetables, eggs, muesli, pastries…

Food paper

Ideal for packaging your food products, it meets all hygiene standards and is very environmentally friendly.

Recyclable straws

It is now an obligation, the paper straws will replace advantageously the plastic straws so polluting.

Recyclable cups

Ideal for your events or in your offices, these cups will seduce by their aesthetic and their eco-responsible spirit. Customizable.

NATURAL packaging solutions

Gusseted bags

Made from a grass/fresh fiber blend (FSC certified). Ideal for packaging baked goods, nuts, fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way. Moisture resistant and certified for direct food contact.

Egg cartons

Protect not only the eggs, but also our forest, because our new fibrous raw material is processed without any chemicals for paper production, saves 99% water and 95% CO2 emissions. This is pure environmental and climate protection.

Bag with cut-out handle

With a perforated handle and therefore even less material usage – your customers will carry all their medicines in a privacy-friendly and particularly durable packaging in the future. The natural, high-quality look and the very special feel express your commitment to a greener world in an effective advertising way.

Gift paper 72×51 cm

Wrapping paper is beautiful, but it also creates an incredible amount of “waste”. We make wrapping paper a little greener – with grass paper: environmentally friendly, perfectly recyclable without printing inks and customizable.

Gift bags

Ideal for wrapping small treats and all kinds of delicacies in a wonderfully durable way; 40 g/m², moisture resistant and certified for direct food contact. Dimensions: 16 x 5.5 x 28 cm, enough space for a paperback book, a perfume…

Paper bag with drawstring handle

The completely natural look and special feel make our carrier bag an eye catcher. With a combination of 30% grass fiber and 70% recycled paper, you pack and transport your goods in a truly sustainable way. Various sizes available.

Office stationery

Envelopes DL

Make an immediate and lasting impression. Pleasant to look at and smell. Blend of 30% grass fiber and 70% recycled paper – 100g

Agenda A4

The all-natural look and the special feel make each product a striking communication medium. With our grass paper diaries you can structure your daily life in an ecological way – every tree counts!

Graphic papers

Here you can try out different painting techniques and colors. These beautiful papers have their own character and allow your artworks to develop a very special effect – durable in the true sense of the word. 75g to 250g

Gift tags

With our grass paper labels, you can personalize your gifts in a beautiful and sustainable way and save trees instead of using pure cellulose paper.

Notes booklet

These notebooks in a handy little format with rounded corners – just between the A5 and theA6. Small and flat enough for every pocket. Let your thoughts flow directly from your head through your hand into the book, handwritten notes stay with you longer! Use this handy little book for sketches, experiments or as a lasting gift.

Seed calendar

Each month, a new topic is discussed and some tips to reduce your CO2 footprint. You will also receive seeds for yourself, for the bees and our environment, you can for example, plant your own spruce seedling and watch your tree grow.

Interested in our solutions !

This list of products being far from being exhaustive, contact us and we will find together the best offer to meet all your needs.